How to Make Money Online Part 4 (for beginners)

Method 4 of 5: Make Money through Online Sales

01) Create an Online Store.

online store

Selling on-line is especially helpful if you have a niche item that can not attract enough business to survive in a physical location, but of course online stores for everyday items aren’t going anyplace, either. If you are not particularly internet savvy or can be bothered to maintain a web site, you can set up shop on a site like EBay or CafePress (for a fee). Or else, you can hire somebody to design a web site for you or even make your own.

02) Create a virtual store.

Believe it or not, vendors selling virtual items from within online video games can make cash in the actual world. By making an avatar of yourself and setting up shop, you can do business with other gamers (or even just advertise your real-world business). Of course, you must 1st find a video game that allows it and pay to set it up, but once you are in, you can reach a huge range of people in various age groups and locations all-around the world. MMORPGs (massive, multi-player online role-playing games) are particularly great places to do this.