Lets Do Micro Jobs

Generally there is a long list of Micro Job web sites but I am giving details of just genuine and paying out sites …….

micro jobs


There are a number of excellent web pages dedicated to bringing employers and workers together for hundreds and hundreds of small jobs.The types of jobs that typically classify as ‘small’ or ‘micro’ jobs are things like posting comments on Blogs or YouTube videos, following you on Twitter, Digging your site or Liking your Facebook site…….



Microworkers is an innovative, Worldwide on-line platform that connects Employers and Workers from all-around the world. Our unique approach guarantee Employers that a task paid is a task properly done, whilst at the same time guaranteeing Workers that a job finished is a job paid.
Just as its name suggest, the tasks assigned to Employees and paid for by Employers are simple and fast, mostly finished in a short minutes, thus, are called “micro jobs”. These tasks include easy sign ups, social book marking tasks, forum participation, web site visits, rating video clips or articles, voting up contest entries, adding feedback, suggesting leads, creating back links, writing reviews or articles, downloading applications and so much more.
Joining Microworkers is totally free, and as an International website, anyone from any kind of country can be a member

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02) Mturk


MTurk is a website govern by Amozon. As very same as microworkers and other microjob sites.there you can make significant amount of cash from one day. So, even though you can’t get rich from one day, it is also a great microworkers alternative site. There you may ask to finish job like survey, comment on image, giving a The facebook like,  like little jobs. If you have time you may make sufficient some of money here.

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03) Rapidworkers

Rapid workers

Rapid workers is also a good micro job site for earning dollars. Also it is a good alternative to  MTurk too. It has similar template to Microworkers.com and has the same function to it

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04)Short task

short tasks

Lot of people using this website for their on-line dollars making activities. This contains the exact same format of the Mturk. However, what I got to know during seaching is that it is a scam website. Thousonds of people have proved that. But you can earn with it with your own risk.

I think this list of micro job websites might be helpful for you. I think if you have not started working on these websites a person should start with them soon to several your earning dollars. If you are doing something other than Microworkers like short task, Rapidworkers, Mturk or etc ,this is also will helpful for you to have good earning from micro jobs.









How to Make Money Online Part 4 (for beginners)

Method 4 of 5: Make Money through Online Sales

01) Create an Online Store.

online store

Selling on-line is especially helpful if you have a niche item that can not attract enough business to survive in a physical location, but of course online stores for everyday items aren’t going anyplace, either. If you are not particularly internet savvy or can be bothered to maintain a web site, you can set up shop on a site like EBay or CafePress (for a fee). Or else, you can hire somebody to design a web site for you or even make your own.

02) Create a virtual store.

Believe it or not, vendors selling virtual items from within online video games can make cash in the actual world. By making an avatar of yourself and setting up shop, you can do business with other gamers (or even just advertise your real-world business). Of course, you must 1st find a video game that allows it and pay to set it up, but once you are in, you can reach a huge range of people in various age groups and locations all-around the world. MMORPGs (massive, multi-player online role-playing games) are particularly great places to do this.

How to Make Money Online Part 3 (for beginners)

Method 3 of 5: Make Money through Online Content

 01)Sell your own music.

sell music onlineA couple of years before, Radiohead made head lines by marketing its newest album through its own web site and raking in the dough – for donations, no less. Although your act might not have Radiohead status (yet), many little, independent, and even big-name acts have followed suit: as it turns out, a handful of sales with no middleman adds up to a lot much more than what most musicians end up along with once the record industry has gotten its “dues.”

02)Become a freelance designer

Become a freelancer


Produce a web site showcasing your portfolio and build a client list by finding work in the on-line classifieds. Although it takes much more time to get established doing business this way, you can set your own costs and won’t have to share your earnings with the graphic design home.

03)Sell photos


This is a great way to make income while pursuing a fun hobby. Since people lookup for stock pictures by key word, your work will be on the similar playing field as everybody else’s, meaning you should submit any photo you think is decent. Once it has posted, your work is completed, and while you won’t generally make much per sale, getting a good amount of photos can mean accumulating a fine month-to-month side income with virtually no upkeep. iStockphoto, ShutterStock, and also Fotolia are a few great locations to store around.

04)Sell an ebook

ebook sale

e-books are not for everybody, but if you’ve ever found an innovative remedy to a desperate situation and wished you could have simply paid someone to provide you the answer sooner, it’s likely there’s a marketplace out there for an e book on the subject. Shop around to see what else is available and look for people posting in forums with similar issues. Don’t waste your time writing an e-book about something someone can readily find solutions to; it’s some thing you want to reserve for people who are at their wit’s end.]

05) Sell  an App

sell apps

In a multi million person market place, $1 or even 2 per sale can go a long way. If you have a excellent idea but no programming know-how, it might even be worth it to hire a programmer. Just make sure you shop around for similar ideas, find ways to one up your competition, and comply with the guidelines of the organization on whose devices you’d sell the apps.

06)sell Your Articles.

write articles

 Lots of small businesses, web sites, and internet marketers need very good written content and smooth key word integration to help them get more visitors. Though you won’t make much to start with, most content articles will only be 200 to 300 words, which are a snap to crank out. As you prove your self to be capable, you can start charging more for your solutions. If you’re a experienced writer, you might even try submitting your work to formal publications.


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How to Make Money Online Part 2 (for beginners)

 2) Method 2 of 5: Make Money through Online Marketing


01)Become an affiliate marketer.

affiliate-marketingThis is a excellent method to make cash for advertising somebody else’s items or solutions without having to carryany inventory. Affiliate ads are usually incorporated in to your website/blog/page via linked posts (great when your content is good and compelling, but must be done very carefully to prevent looking spammy), item placement videos (great if you’re funny or have performance talent), or, less and less commonly, banner ads (pretty ineffective, as most people avoid these like the plague). If necessary, you can also turn out to be an affiliate marketer without a web site (by posting video clips on Youtube . com containing links to the product, for example). Check out a website like Commission Junction for for possible items and services.

#If you have a lot of visitors, you may want to do cost    per click advertising, which doesn’t earn you much per  click but banks on the fact that the sheer number of  visitors will build your income.

#If you have very strong articles, you might want to do  cost per acquisition advertising, which makes you a  decent commission (either a fixed amount or a      commission, depending on what you’ve pre-agreed to)  everytime somebody on your site makes a purchase  with your affiliate company

02)Become an online mystery shopper.

internrt money Many men and women  have heard of mystery  shoppers in the real  world, however with the  shift to virtual company,  it’s becoming more and  more common to send  mystery shoppers online hunting. If you are just starting up , be ready to front the cost of your own purchases, as your reimbursement will depend on whether or not you are a capable mystery shopper.

03)Do webinar marketing                         

internet money This is simply workshop  marketing done on-line –  except that it’s much less  expensive than doing actual  seminars and doesn’t require  repeat performances. If you’re  an authority on a subject that  other people would be willing  to pay to learn more about,  record your self giving a talk  about it in a expert location  (traditionally a conference room, though this may change based on your subject), post it on your web site, and advertise.

04)Refer other professionals for jobs.

refer peoples

If you know someone  whose ability and  work ethic you’re  willing to stand  behind, consider  referring them to a prospective employer. If that man gets employed, you stand to make anyplace among fifty and a few thousands of dollars depending on the position. Check out a website like ReferEarns or WhoDoYouKnowForDough for more info.

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How to Make Money Online Part 1 (for beginners)

Make money online

Although the worldwide market has not yet arrived at “Jetson” caliber with people flying to the office in small spaceships, it has evolved to allow workers to never have leave the ease of their own pc. Below you’ll find a variety of methods to create money online as well as general advice for anybody who needs to be successful in the online world.

  1. Method 1 of 5: Fast Ways to Make Money On the internet

    make money with internet






  1. 01)Flip domain names

Domain names are important internet estate and also some persons actually make a nice living off of purchasing and selling them. One strategy is to use Google Adwords to get keywords that are styling and use that info to buy domain names that you think may soon be in demand. However, since short, snappy, or straightforward domain names have currently been mostly snatched up, you can also get lucky purchasing domain names that are random acronyms, as you never know when a person or organization with those exact initials will choose to build up a web site. (CPC.com, for example, offered for over $200,000 when Contract Pharmaceutical Corporation decided to go online.[1] Not bad for 3 letters.) For more advice, read How to Purchase a Low cost Domain Name. [Read more…]